A Mother’s Chance

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A Mother's Chance Non-Profit provides bereaved families with a safe haven - offering emotional support groups, practical resources, and access to essential information. We empower families to navigate their grief and find hope in their journey.

We believe even the smallest life casts a long shadow. Although pregnancy and child loss can leave a deep imprint, we know each child creates a ripple of love and deserves a chance.

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The journey to change the world starts with one child.

Following the heartbreaking loss of our firstborn Arabella, we were fueled by a yearning for answers and change. Our initial quest for definitive reasons behind her stillbirth led us to an empty void. But amidst the darkness, we discovered a beacon of hope in a community of families who had endured similar tragedies. This powerful revelation illuminated the devastating reality of how prevalent and preventable such losses can be. Armed with newfound purpose, we embarked on a determined journey towards welcoming a rainbow baby, our son Niklaus.

Unwavering in our pursuit of bringing home a healthy baby, we sought out a renowned surgeon in Indiana, connecting virtually to explore the possibility of a transabdominal cerclage aka a TAC. This innovative procedure consists of a permanent stitch meant to strengthen the cervix and prevent premature delivery. It offered a glimmer of hope against the threat of PPROM/incompetent cervix we had faced with our daughter. With unending resilience, we underwent the procedure at 13 weeks, marking a pivotal turning point in our journey. The rest, as they say, is a testament to the power of determination, shared experience, and advocacy that blossomed into a beautiful reality, all we needed was A Mother’s Chance.

How We Can Make a Difference

Sponsor a Family

We provide support, education, and resources to families in need.

Volunteer Your Time

We organize a variety of community events and fundraisers to connect and assist.

Go the Extra Mile

We advocate for equal rights and fair treatment of all families.

See what our sponsors and volunteers have to say

“It’s truly inspiring the way that Kristi has made purpose out of pain with her own experience of losing her daughter Arabella. She is pioneering the way for women to be more informed about preterm birth prevention because as she said, one loss is one too many. Though her non-profit is making waves in her home state of Colorado, her tireless efforts are sure to have an even larger reach!”

Baylee Demars, The Butterfly Podcast Host and Mrs. Utah America

"Kristi has helped spread awareness on Incompetent Cervix (IC) and the process of obtaining a Transabdominal Cerclage (TAC) through her non-profit A Mother’s Chance.

-Nicole S. Volunteer and Fellow Bereaved Parent

Meet the partners who help us transform lives

Businesses and fellow foundations have given their time and support to help us make a difference in people’s lives.

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Project Finding Your Rainbow

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The Butterfly Podcast

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Bundles for Babies

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A Touch Of Teddy

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Project Sweet Peas

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